Fibre Optic Cable Systems

Cables span the vast distances of the Pacific ocean, liking the majority of islands. The last decade has seen new cables
connecting French Polynesia, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, New Caledonia, Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu to Pacific hubs
like Australia, Fiji, Guam, Hawaii, and New Zealand. What these new cables don't do is connect Pacific Islands to each other.

How You Can Help

Researcher Jonathan Brewer will be contacting and visiting organisations throughout the Pacific to hear their stories.
He's also acting as a RIPE Ambassador in the Pacific, distributing Atlas network probes to network operators and end users
to help determine their connectivity to the global Internet and to other networks in the Pacific. If you'd like to be interviewed
or would like to host a network probe, please get in touch using details at the bottom of the page.

Learn More

Details and preliminary findings of the project have been presented in several forms at conferences around the Pacific:

  • Honolulu, Hawaii, January 2016: Pacific Telecommunications Council PTC16 pdf 9 mb
  • Tumon Bay, Guam, December 2015: Pacific Network Operators Group Meeting pdf 35 mb
  • Melbourne, Australia, August 2015: Australian Network Operators Group Meeting pdf 65 mb
  • Apia, Samoa, July 2015: Pacific Network Operators Group Meeting pdf 85 mb
  • Auckland, New Zealand, July 2015: Pacific ISOC PacINET Meeting pdf 14 mb
  • Fukuoka, Japan, March 2015: Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies pdf 26 mb
  • Rotorua, New Zealand, January 2015: New Zealand Network Operators Group Meeting pdf 7mb

Get in touch

Please email jon at, or get in touch via the social media links below.